Monday, February 28, 2011

Finding joy in everything

"Did you see all the flowers that bloomed on the bush?", he asks, "Huh? When?", I respond. Apparently, I am oblivious to what is going on around.
"Come here babe, shhh...listen...can you hear those bees as they go about their work?", he asks me later, "Huh?", I respond. Apparently I am oblivious to what goes on around.
This morning as I meet with the Father, He reminds me that "there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus" and that I have "no obligation [whatsoever] to do what [my] sinful nature urges [me] to do" because I am His adopted child. I am not oblivious to this joyous truth!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

26 things before 26

I was perusing a blog recently and came across the bloggers post on "26 things to do before turning 26". I wish I could remember the blog name but I can't :(
However, it got me thinking "I should make one too!"

My 26th birthday is about 6 months away so my goal is to have all these things done as my present to myself! So here we go.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life as I know it

I have a confession: I thought creating and maintaining a blog would be easy peasy but I am finding that it is so hard. Who woulda thought that the quest to add a horizontal menu bar to my blog would return zero results? Well zero results that I really like!! Oh well I will keep learning and I WILL master this blogging thing.

Any tips on the menu thingy would be much appreciated :) :)

I have also been at a loss of what to write as a post, should I create posts based on themed days (wordless wednesday, fruity friday, thoughtlessful thursday) you get the drift or do I pick something I am reading and give my review or... then it hit me! I am supposed to blog about how God is metamorphing me into the woman He wants me to be! Duh! I already knew that BUT it also means that the metamorphosis happens as I live out my days! Now I don't have the IQA of Einstein but you woulda thought that by the time I started this blog I shoulda had that figured out right?????? yeah... So without further ado, here is my invitation for today: come see the weekend through my eyes
the doggies loving the hike and the weather

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love: celebrating more than just today!

this. day
flowers. candy. cards. candlelit dinners. = ROMANCE or is it?
Isn't it more of a stress-inducing "omgosh!! I have to come up with the perfect romantic date for my honey" if you love this day or "omgosh!! I have to come up with the wittiest anti-Vday party/snarkiest wardrobe to protest" if this day leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Or, like me you say. "meh, who wants overpriced chocolate that goes to my hips or flowers that I will kill in a day?"Suddenly, now that I am married it almost seems to come with the territory, "What are your plans for Valentines day?" Hmm...good question: None?? But why do I have this desire to celebrate? Why do I want to have this awe-inspiring date planned out or an out-of-this-world super-cool never-before-thought-of idea for this day?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1000 gifts: 1 - 14

Isn't God just amazing??! Yesterday I shared about rejoicing even when things don't go your way and today, I discovered a treasure in the blogging world by the name of A Holy Experience. The author of the blog Ann VosKamp has a book out called “one thousand gifts”. I haven’t read the book yet but I have discovered a group of people who have decided to journal their way to 1000 things they are thankful for both big and small!! I am jumping right in even though it's supposed to be a Monday thing - better late than never I say :)

Here is my starter list of blessings:
#1   salvation through Jesus Christ
#2   continuous fellowship with my God
#3   i have found the one whom my soul loves

1000 Gifts

It all started February 9, 2011 when I discovered a treasure in the blogging world by the name of A Holy Experience. The author of the blog Ann VosKamp has a book out called “one thousand gifts”. I hadn’t heard of the book at that time but I discovered a group of bloggers who decided to journal their way to 1000 gifts from God they are thankful for big or small, happy or painful! I jumped right in and here is where I consolidate my list as I count all the blessings that God pours out on unworthy, puny, sinful me whom He calls His Beloved!!!

I am currently reading the book and it is amazing, challenging, convicting. If you haven’t done so yet, please get and read it J

Here is my list so far and I will update it as I post His blessings to me:

Actual Post: 1000 gifts: 1 – 14
#1         salvation through Jesus Christ
#2        continuous fellowship with my God
#3        I have found the one whom my soul loves
#4        new family and friends
#5        strong arms than envelop me at night to keep me warm
#6        deepening of a friendship through sharing struggles
#7        coffee to wake me up each morning
#8        manager who truly cares for the employees
#9        budgeting and paying off debt
#10       two exuberant dogs who show me what unconditional love is
#11       daily prayer with MrH
#12       texts that say "I love and miss ya!" or "I'm sorry for..."
#13       God's unconditional forgiveness
#14       worship music that touches the soul

Actual Post: Love
#15       deeper in love

Actual Post: Finding joy in everything
#16       purple flowered bushes
#17       gentle humming of bees at work
#18       painting rooms
#19       back rubs when I am sore
#20        reminders through His messengers that I am blessed so that I can bless
#21       I am not a slave of sin anymore!
#22       being part of a large global family forever
#23       picking up a conversation where it left off
#24       two verses memorized
#25       learning to be free in Christ
#26       doggish antics that make us laugh loudly
#27       gorgeous sunny weather
#28       Sunday naps
#29       never being separated from God's love (Romans 8:35 - 39)

Actual Post: God is gently knocking
#30       hearing God's voice through His Word
#31        hearing God's voice through personal testimonies
#32       hearing God's voice through song

Actual Post: 1000 gifts: 33 – 46
#33       unexpected encouragement from a friend about my walk with Jesus
#34       a chance to sleep in with MrH on a weekday!!
#35       meeting someone new and immediately knowing we will be great friends
#36       having a shared burden with MrH of wanting to become more and more like Christ
#37       a beautiful sunny day after 4 days of heavy wind and cleansing rain
#38       a new jewelry organizer
#39       wet noses and doggy kisses trying to wake you up
#40       getting up early and going on a breakfast date with MrH just because
#41        strawberry and cream scone yum!
#42       opportunity to share Christ with our neighbor
#43       walking along the beach and feeling the gentle breeze
#44       having a moment in life's busyness to catch up with friends
#45       asking each other the hard questions then humbly asking for forgiveness
#46       a loving mother-in-law

Actual Post: Looking Back
#47       looking back and seeing God's comfort in my life
#48       All the imperfections and oddities that make me, ME
#49       I DID get married :) God provided me with a wonderful MrH
#50       MrH who has never once laughed at my 'noises'
#51        he laughs at me though for having silly insecurities
#52       he shares some of his own
#53       he dances in the grocery store aisles, which cracks me up!
#54       hearing a song on the radio/a CD and you just have to sing along!!
#55       a chance to show a coworker that you care
#56       all the jacarandas in bloom
#57       sermons that make you think
#58       sermons that remind you of the simplicity of the gospel
#59       amazing garage sale deals
#60       getting to see out of town family

#61        nine months of wedded bliss
#62       taking a risk and sharing your heart with new friends at bible study
#63       finding out that the risk was worth it
#64       God's gentle reminder of His marriage design
#65       cool mornings over the weekend that provided a nice break from the summer temps
#66       I finally used our crock pot wedding gift!!!

Actual Post: Giving Thanks
#67       sunsets that take your breath away
#68       sun that warms me during the day
#69       the moon that sends the sun to sleep thus giving a reprieve from the heat
#70       warm sand that crunches under your toes
#71        the sound of waves as they crash on the beach
#72       the gentle breeze I feel but never see
#73       salty smell in the air that let me know "I am at the beach!!"
#74       quick glimpses of dolphins
#75       hubby's eyes when they catch the sunlight

#76       God’s reminder that I can ask Him for anything
#77       knowing that God knows of my fears and He sends the right word at the right time
#78       enjoying a movie with new friends, strengthening the relationship
#79       coffee to get me going almost every work morning
#80       walks with MrH where we talk about something…or…nothing
#81        phone calls with my mother who always tells me she is praying for us
#82       preparing for our trip to Kenya
#83       splashing in cool ocean waters on a 90 day
#84       dinner double date, deepening friendships
#85       knowing you have wandered, praying for His grace and receiving it!
#86       days, months, years…lives given to protect this country

Actual Post: He IS the Provider
#87       MrH got his job for next year
#88       Jehovah Jireh, my provider
#89       we are going to Kenya in less than two weeks!
#90       I get to see my mother after 5 years! How time flies...
#91        how God is strengthening my faith through His faithfulness
#92       discussing bible doctrine with christian friends even if we disagree J
#93       the right Scripture at the right time over and over again

Actual Post: Enjoying the routine
#94       routines that help make life disciplined
#95       time, precious moments spent with my parents
#96       dinner with my cousins
#97       love outpouring from same cousins in the beautiful present they gave us
#98       pure joy of reuniting with old friends
#99       bittersweet acknowledgement that we all must grow and change
#100     planes that have made far places that much closer!
#101      God who gives men the knowledge to make and fly the planes
#102     a beautiful life lived for Christ, a challenge for me to do the same
#103     storm clouds ripe with rain
#104     lightning as it divides the sky
#105     a friend has a miscarriage, her husband has surgery, us visiting to offer encouragement, love, prayer yet leaving their house as the ones who are encouraged!!
#106     sweet loving hubby who let me stay overnight at a friend's while he was left to take care of the messy house (and he did!!)
#107     3 hr coffee conversation at Starbucks
#108     gleaning marriage wisdom from my sweet friend Heather
#109     fellowship and laughter at lifegroup – great to be back!
#110      crossing off my 26 before 26 list J
#111       witnessing my eldest brother repeat the sacred vows to his beloved, remembering my own
#112      looking forward to celebrating one year of marriage to MrH this coming weekend

#113      one year, 365 days of wedded bliss gone by
#114      getting away from the everyday to celebrate us
#115      neighbour always willing to watch over our dogs
#116      this feeling of giddiness like we are on our honeymoon all over again
#117      beautiful beach view
#118      amazing sunny weekend sandwiched between storms. Our own personal gift from God!
#119      sunset reflected on the city skyline making a gold city!
#120     evaluating our year, asking the hard questions, accepting faults, repenting
#121      unexpected conversation topic making us rethink our goals
#122     renewed commitment to God
#123     enjoying the pool on a hot Saturday afternoon
#124     getting out of the shower to find these sticky notes all over the room
#125     knowing that I am loved, on my good and bad days
#126     finally finishing Ann's book  'One Thousand Gifts'. powerful. encouraging.

Actual Post: On Approaching God
#127     meeting friends from my father's past
#128     learning how my father helped mentor some of those friends
#129     dear relatives willing to go to church with us
#130     being more earnest about praying together
#131      creating a prayer calendar
#132     pastor that preaches God's word faithfully
#133     another reminder to come as I am and He will lift my load
#134     spending a wonderful afternoon with MrH, my dad, my brother and his wife
#135     finding that our friends are expecting their firstborn
#136     lifegroup and the friendships being established there
#137     nieces laughing in the beach sand
#138     writing letters to my mom and dad thanking them for how they raised me
#139     quiet Sunday evening with MrH after a very busy weekend!

#140     God's daily unfailing mercy towards me
#141      seeing myself for what I am - an unpleasant experience YET a great reminder that I am but a sinner saved by grace
#142     MrH and I are debt-free!! Until we decide to buy a house that is....
#143     having a like-minded spouse especially in financial matters
#144     an extra day off (Labor Day) whoo hoo!

Actual Post: Counting more gifts
#145     beautifully pink, refreshingly sweet watermelon
#146     relistening to sermons that just revive my spirit
#147     Saturdays when both MrH and I get to sleep in
#148     planting seeds in our garden
#149     getting to see sprouts exactly seven days later
#150     celebrating a dear friend's 50th birthday
#151      laughing so hard at same party that I could barely breathe
#152     getting back into a running routine and signing up for a race (no going back!)
#153     a bird daily chirping on a tree as I walk from the parking garage into the office building
#154     talking to my mom (will appear multiple times as I am always thankful) and getting great advice
#155     knowing she is always praying for me
#156     surprise night out with my man :)
#157     how wonderful my hand feels in his
#158     discovering the book 'Captivating'. I must say I am captivated by it! bad joke I know
#159     friends who call/text/email to let you know that you are on their heart and they are praying for you
#160     light blue cotton candy clouds set against a near dark twilight sky

Actual Post: Weekend fun
#161      fun of the marker in hand, drawing on a window
#162     a simple and sweet reminder from MrH of how he loves me
#163     MrH who woke me up when my alarm did not work - totally saved what could have become a bad work day!
#164     visiting with MrH's mentor and his wife. We had a lovely time just sitting, talking and receiving godly counsel
#165     wonderful time of worship at church yesterday. I just love listening to so many voices lifting praises to our God
#166     ministering with fellow believers to the needs of others
#167     seeing the same believers at church
#168     getting even more plugged in to our church
#169     lots of rain this past week
#170     a God-given break from watering the garden ha!
#171      using basil from my own garden yum!