Thursday, February 24, 2011

26 things before 26

I was perusing a blog recently and came across the bloggers post on "26 things to do before turning 26". I wish I could remember the blog name but I can't :(
However, it got me thinking "I should make one too!"

My 26th birthday is about 6 months away so my goal is to have all these things done as my present to myself! So here we go.
26 things before I turn 26

1.       Run a half marathon I had already done this before starting :)
2.       Do 10 continuous real pushups
3.       Do 5 continuous real pull-ups
4.       Lose 10 pounds
5.       Write letters  to my dad and mum then mail them!
6.       Finally introduce MrH to my mum and extended family read here and here
7.       Go to a garden museum
8.       Dance and kiss in the rain  :)
9.       Go to the dentist
10.     Start a garden and eat from it
11.     Read more than two books for pleasure
12.     Write at least one blog post a week
13.     Go for a 20-mile bike ride
14.     Make a three-course meal…FROM SCRATCH!
15.     Take a road trip
16.     Master new songs and chords on the guitar
17.     Write and sing a song to MrH
18.     Start and hopefully finish our wedding scrapbook
19.     Pray for different friends daily and let them know it
20.     Organize and personalize my office cubicle
21.     Memorize at least two verses a month still continuing...
22.     Have  a spontaneous weekend getaway
23.     Go indoor rock climbing
24.     See a sunrise alone or otherwise it was actually a sunset but just as beautiful!!!
25.     Start an emergency fund
26.     Start and complete a DIY project read here

As I complete the list I will cross them off. Some are already done but I still wanted to add them on.

What would you like to do before your next birthday?


  1. I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your heart. here are my thoughts on your list
    1.Run a half marathon (ugh no thanks :)
    2.Do 10 continuous real pushups (you can totally do this!!! get it done!!!!)
    3.Do 5 continuous real pull-ups (whoa this is gonna be hard, I can do one, barely but you can totally do it!)
    4.Lose 10 pounds (training for your half marathon and pushup/ pullups should help :)
    5.Write letters to my dad and mum then mail them! (what are you waiting for?!? do it girl!)
    6.Finally introduce MrH to my mum and extended family (This would be so awesome!!!)
    9.Go to the dentist (I go all the time... my teeth suck!)
    10. Start a garden and eat from it (I planted tomatoe plants last year and it was so awesome don't put it off you'll be glad you did it!)
    11.Read more than two books for pleasure (i just finished the Mark of lion serious by Francine Rivers. Have you ever read it. I really really enjoyed it.
    14.Make a three-course meal…FROM SCRATCH! (You can totally do it! fun fun :)
    15. Take a road trip (I know a great place to visit, might be a longer road trip than you had in mind though...)
    26. Start and complete a DIY project (there are so many options out there for this one, have fun!!!)
    I would have to think awhile to make my own list but I'll think about it :) love ya

  2. Ooh I like Francine Rivers. I'll have to take a look. Have you read her "Redeeming Love". I've prolly read it 5 times and I still tear up!
    I need to get my run and exercise on if I am ever to meet my goals.
    Love & miss you girl :( The longer road trip will have to wait for a later date lol

  3. Hello Mrs H.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog today. I am having a blast reading yours. I like your 26 before 26. Yikes... I'll be 26 in a month and two weeks.. not much, but hey, let's see what I can accomplish.

    I am so jealous of your kenya trip. It looks amazing! I would love to do something like that with my hubby but he is a hunter so I wouldnt take him safariing! lol.

    Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. Time flies doesnt it?! love to meet another starter wife blog's and find her about section so close to my own heart. Hope you stay around. Ill do too!

  4. "Start an emergency fund".

    I need to get to work on this asap.

    Nice list.