Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life as I know it

I have a confession: I thought creating and maintaining a blog would be easy peasy but I am finding that it is so hard. Who woulda thought that the quest to add a horizontal menu bar to my blog would return zero results? Well zero results that I really like!! Oh well I will keep learning and I WILL master this blogging thing.

Any tips on the menu thingy would be much appreciated :) :)

I have also been at a loss of what to write as a post, should I create posts based on themed days (wordless wednesday, fruity friday, thoughtlessful thursday) you get the drift or do I pick something I am reading and give my review or... then it hit me! I am supposed to blog about how God is metamorphing me into the woman He wants me to be! Duh! I already knew that BUT it also means that the metamorphosis happens as I live out my days! Now I don't have the IQA of Einstein but you woulda thought that by the time I started this blog I shoulda had that figured out right?????? yeah... So without further ado, here is my invitation for today: come see the weekend through my eyes
the doggies loving the hike and the weather
hurry up, we have some exploring to do!!
look who we saw? He wasn't very friendly though. 
 Everytime I go through nature, I am awed again by God's creativity! Have a look:


It was great to spend time outdoors reveling in God's creation. Here is my best photo of the day
after the hike, ready to go home :)
I hope your weekend was as fulfilling as mine was. Now I am looking forward to all that God will bring my way this week and the coming weekend!
Stay blessed,

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  1. I love walking and enjoying God's creation too.

  2. I too get stumped on creative titles and things to say and then I'll read something or hear someone say something inspirational and BANG!, a blog post is born. Just pray on your creativity and let the Holy Spirit dictate what you share with us.