Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sermon in review: Forget the little stuff

We are studying (almost done with) the book of Philippians at church. My life group, which meets on Sunday night, discusses the sermon which is neat since it helps cement the preaching in my mind. This week, we were discussing the first nine verses of chapter 4.

Two things stuck out to me that I did not notice before:
  • The “rejoice in the Lord always” verse is sandwiched between conflict and anxiety!
  • The “peace of God” comes to us after prayer, supplication and thanksgiving
The first couple of verses reminded me a lot of Franscesca's new single "This is the stuff" because it is so true of my life!
It always seems like I remember to pray to God when big storms come my way, after all, where else could I go??? It is the small things that get to me...like when I am asked to create a report that will take an hour to complete even though I am supposed to leave in half an hour...or when I get home and our "lovely" dogs decided to practice their chewing skills on one of my favorite books...or when our perfectly planned outing is cut short because of rain...I could go on and on and on. However, as Franscesca says, "in the middle of my little mess, I forget how BIG I'm blessed". Amen to that!

Does this sound like anyone else out there? Let's make it our goal to focus on the blessings God is giving us and see what a difference it makes in your life :)

Counting my blessings,

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