Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting motivated

Aah, Saturday (sigh of contentment). After a long week the day we look forward to, to sleep in, have lazy in bed conversations, eat brunch since no one is in the mood to make breakfast AND lunch...what a perfect day!

Or not...

You know that annoying little voice that you hear in the morning saying, "Girl, you know you've been eating way to many sweets. Even if you try and ignore it, your favorite jeans tell the story. Since you have time this morning, why don't you get your behind out of bed and give it a workout.
Of course it doesn't help that MrH was out of the house at 7.40 to go cycling with his buddies. So yes, I did get up and go.
got the shoes

and the ipod. Ready to hit the road
And you know what? I feel good! Definitely better than I would have had I rolled out of bed at around 9.30 This girl is ready to take on the world :)

But first she needs to hit the shower.

Have a blessed weekend in whatever you choose to do!

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