Wednesday, March 16, 2011

God is gently knocking...

There are two sides to every coin.

There are two sides to every story.

There are two sides to the story of the cross!
“What! Really? I never thought of that. What does that mean?”, I asked myself as the missionary from UnveilinGLORY spoke during the church service. Hooked,  I had to return that afternoon and find out what he meant. He said, “When most people look at the cross, they see what Jesus did for them.  It is not wrong, but it IS incomplete. There is another side to the cross: Looking at what Jesus did for His Father…[Here is a truth that I have sadly overlooked for so long]…Jesus died primarily to glorify His Father!Everything He did was for His Father's glory.

So, if I look at Jesus’ life and death on this earth as primarily for ME, then my Christianity can become very self-centered whereas if I look at Jesus’ life and death as primarily to GLORIFY GOD, then my motivation for everything changes as I answer the question: Do my actions/words/service glorify God or myself? What a thought!

Have you noticed that when God really wants to teach one a truth, using one source does not suffice?…

Joni was only 17 when her life changed completely. After the accident, her life seemed to be over. Why did God allow all this suffering to befall her? Surely, He could have healed her if He wished. Yet would the “Joni and Friends” organization exist today? Listening to her share what suffering means, I can’t help but pray “God I want to live this way for you! Please help me! Teach me to rely on You and You alone.”

God wants me to live a life that glorifies Him.
A life completely dependent on Him.
A life where He increases and I decrease.
A life fully trusting in Him.

“But what about the hardships Lord? What about the suffering? What about the circumstances that don’t make sense”, I ask as this struggle goes on in my heart?

“My child, I am sovereign. I know what I am doing” is all He says to me.
Am I willing to Bow The Knee?
#30 Hearing God's voice through His Word
#31  Hearing God's voice through personal testimonies
#32 Hearing God's voice through song

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  1. First, amen – it was such an act of obedience – Our Lord, as human, yet God, being obedient to the Father who is also God. empowered by the Spirit who is also God, but only one God – a mystery within a mystery within a mystery!! And because this is the way he speaks to me most often – my favorite from your list is #30 Hearing God's voice through His Word.

    May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day

  2. I really worshipped as I listened to the song you have posted here. Especially after reading your comments about Jesus glorifying the Father. Thank you for that! And it does cost. It's costs everything. I struggle with it all, too, searching my own heart, and wondering if I can give thanks for the hard and painful things. May we both find it so!

  3. Yes, I am thankful that God speaks to us through more than one source. I need it, and He knows that. :)