Friday, April 1, 2011

DIY: Jewelry Organizer

MrH was off this week for spring break and can I just say, "He is the best!". He has been doing all these projects around the house instead of taking some well deserved time off and just relaxing (yup, that is what I would have done). He simply says, "I enjoy doing this stuff. It's fun!"
Well one of the *fun* things we got to do together - it was more of I instructed and he did lol - was upgrading my jewelry storage system. For reasons I cannot fathom, MrH did not like my nailed in the wall using a shoe  well mounted, square pegboards that served to organize my stash. So, we made a trip to our local thrift store in search of a frame and found this beauty:

We then headed to the fabric store to find material and hooks.

Everything was now ready.

The next evening we set to work with MrH providing the brawn while I provided the brain (yes, these things are quite complicated I tell you!). Sometime later after padding, hooks and spray paint, we came out with this masterpiece!

The finished product is amazing and I am so thankful to God for a loving husband who continuously blesses my life!

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  1. fun stuff. it's great to be organized! Plus you knocked out a DIY project. Nice work!