Monday, July 25, 2011

Enjoying the routine

As many people say, when we got back from our vacation we felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation because of all the running around we did. It has been really good to come and get back into the groove of things as they were before. Even work! It may sound weird but it is good to have my hands busy again and realize that I must schedule some things otherwise they won't get done (um...laundry!)

So today this is the first thing I am thankful for as I continue counting the gifts
(94 ~ 112)
#94    routines that help make life disciplined
#95    time, precious moments spent with my parents
#96    dinner with my cousins
#97    love outpouring from same cousins in the beautiful present they gave us
#98    pure joy of reuniting with old friends
#99    bittersweet acknowledgement that we all must grow and change
#100  planes that have made far places that much closer!
#101  God who gives men the knowledge to make and fly the planes
#102  a beautiful life lived for Christ, a challenge for me to do the same
#103  storm clouds ripe with rain
#104  lightning as it divides the sky

#105  a friend has a miscarriage, her husband has surgery, us visiting to offer encouragement, love, prayer yet leaving their house as the ones who are encouraged!!
#106  sweet loving hubby who let me stay overnight at a friend's while he was left to take care of the messy house (and he did!!)
#107  3 hr coffee conversation at Starbucks
#108  gleaning marriage wisdom from my sweet friend Heather
#109  fellowship and laughter at lifegroup – great to be back!
#110  crossing off my 26 before 26 list J
#111  witnessing my eldest brother repeat the sacred vows to his beloved, remembering my own
#112  looking forward to celebrating one year of marriage to MrH this coming weekend

I'm in the 100's whoo hoo!!! Won't you join me in counting all the blessings we receive every day? I'd love to read yours!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kenya: sightseeing Part II

So after we visited my hometown, we decided on a mini 'vacation' just a chance for MrH to see more of the beautiful Kenyan land. We went on an overnight trip to a town called Naivasha together with my parents. This town is famous for national parks, mountains but especially for its flower exports. While there I learned that about 60% of flower exports to Europe come from here! That was pretty cool. Naivasha is also located in the Great Rift Valley. While here we visited a national park called "Hell's Gate". The name was given due to the hot springs found inside a gorge located in the park. Here are some of the wildlife we saw.
warthogs - anyone remember Pumba??
This was the part MrH and I enjoyed most on this day - going through the gorge!

MrH and I at the entrance to the gorge

So this is where Tomb Raider II was filmed!
This water was hot! You could place an egg in it and would be ready in 10 minutes!!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kenya: sightseeing

Here are some highlights of the places we visited in Kenya.

Nairobi - Kenya's capital
We landed in Nairobi on Sunday and stayed for four days. We went to the business district aka downtown. It was a cloudy day so I was not able to capture the buildings as well as I would have wanted. Still, it was wonderful to see how the city has changed and grown. MrH did not care to much for it - can't say I really do either since it is very busy. It actually reminded me of New York.

We were at the top taking pictures

Kenya's first president

Public transport vehicle
My hometown
We then went to my hometown where we held a celebration of our marriage since a lot of my relatives weren't able to attend the wedding.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sad day

I just learned today that a former college mate passed away. Alyssa Stolvoort was battling cancer and yesterday she went to be with her Savior and King. Her story is one of courage and positivity even in the midst of pain. If you can read her wall you will see how many lives she has touched by the way she lived. At this moment I am reminded that this life on earth is but a vapor that appears for a while and is soon gone (dear Alyssa was only 23 years old!).

May I humbly ask you dear friends, pray? For her husband, her family, his family as they go through this hard time that God would be their refuge and strength.

Good bye Alyssa, Praise God that you are now pain free and I await the day I will celebrate with you in eternity

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kenya: the flight

This is the tale of how a 23 hr flight, turned into a 50 hr nightmarish experience. That’s right, we more than doubled our flight time on the way to Kenya. How does that happen?

before we knew what was in store

Well, it starts with a thunderstorm. Fact: Planes do not land during storms when lightning is involved. We had already left our home state and made the 2.5 hr flight to airport X (name withheld to protect the guilt…er…innocent? J) Our layover was supposed to be 5 hrs. We thought this layover was pretty long. Little did we know how long it would become [insert sad background music here]. The plane was delayed for 3 hrs. This was not too bad because we could have still made our connecting flight. However, things went from bad to worse. The computers for airline Y froze/crashed/were unresponsive so our flight got cancelled at 12.30 a.m. You read that correctly, after midnight!!! To add salt to injury, we were told that we would need to come back at 4.00 a.m. in order to reconfigure flights for our trip!
We ended up spending the night on the cold hard floor of airport X with nothing but our jackets to warm us up. At about 3.30 a.m. we got in line to talk to an airline representative who was very lacking in compassion and customer service skills. She actually proceeded to tell us that the earliest flight she could get for us would be Monday…um…it was Saturday 4 a.m. and the earliest flight would be two days from then??? It was unbelievable! We asked her to check for alternative routes into Europe but she just would not do so. It was at this point that despair kinda started to set in.

3 hrs into our flight delay

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!!

Hello friends,
MrH and I have officially completed our world tours. Ok so we only landed in three continents which isn't quite half of the world but we still feel quite worn out. We had a horrible, bring-me-to-tears a few flight mishaps on our way to Kenya but I will tell you about that later. I must admit that in the midst of it all I could feel God prompting me to be thankful and to look for the good despite the stress that was going on.

We had a wonderful time and I think one memory I will treasure forever is seeing MrH and my mom hugging each other :) Here are some pics from our trip. I will write a more detailed post later on this week.

Nairobi Skyline

MrH with his mother-in-law