Monday, July 25, 2011

Enjoying the routine

As many people say, when we got back from our vacation we felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation because of all the running around we did. It has been really good to come and get back into the groove of things as they were before. Even work! It may sound weird but it is good to have my hands busy again and realize that I must schedule some things otherwise they won't get done (um...laundry!)

So today this is the first thing I am thankful for as I continue counting the gifts
(94 ~ 112)
#94    routines that help make life disciplined
#95    time, precious moments spent with my parents
#96    dinner with my cousins
#97    love outpouring from same cousins in the beautiful present they gave us
#98    pure joy of reuniting with old friends
#99    bittersweet acknowledgement that we all must grow and change
#100  planes that have made far places that much closer!
#101  God who gives men the knowledge to make and fly the planes
#102  a beautiful life lived for Christ, a challenge for me to do the same
#103  storm clouds ripe with rain
#104  lightning as it divides the sky

#105  a friend has a miscarriage, her husband has surgery, us visiting to offer encouragement, love, prayer yet leaving their house as the ones who are encouraged!!
#106  sweet loving hubby who let me stay overnight at a friend's while he was left to take care of the messy house (and he did!!)
#107  3 hr coffee conversation at Starbucks
#108  gleaning marriage wisdom from my sweet friend Heather
#109  fellowship and laughter at lifegroup – great to be back!
#110  crossing off my 26 before 26 list J
#111  witnessing my eldest brother repeat the sacred vows to his beloved, remembering my own
#112  looking forward to celebrating one year of marriage to MrH this coming weekend

I'm in the 100's whoo hoo!!! Won't you join me in counting all the blessings we receive every day? I'd love to read yours!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your gratitude list! I love the kicked up heel picture of your wedding and #105! That's great!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment. Your list is full of love. What a blessing! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary.

  3. I can feel the joy and blessedness from your post, I love that! :)
    Many more blessings and anniversaries to you!

  4. love this list! it's beautiful!

    congrats on your upcoming anniversary! have a beautiful time celebrating! :)

  5. welcome back Mrs. H. And I hope that you get back into the swing of "normal" quickly – and with as little of the post-vacation blues as possible. And of your thank you list - my favorite one – well that can only be one – happy anniversary this week – happy anniversary! I give second place to the routines – I heart routines. God bless and keep you and Mr. H.

  6. Thanks sooo much for the comment. definitely made me smile. Your list...well, your whole blog is very inspiring! I look forward to reading more :)

  7. Thanks for the follow, and I am looking forward to reading more things from you as well. :) And I DO know the Gungor song... it's a fave and the source of my blog name! :)