Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kenya: sightseeing Part II

So after we visited my hometown, we decided on a mini 'vacation' just a chance for MrH to see more of the beautiful Kenyan land. We went on an overnight trip to a town called Naivasha together with my parents. This town is famous for national parks, mountains but especially for its flower exports. While there I learned that about 60% of flower exports to Europe come from here! That was pretty cool. Naivasha is also located in the Great Rift Valley. While here we visited a national park called "Hell's Gate". The name was given due to the hot springs found inside a gorge located in the park. Here are some of the wildlife we saw.
warthogs - anyone remember Pumba??
This was the part MrH and I enjoyed most on this day - going through the gorge!

MrH and I at the entrance to the gorge

So this is where Tomb Raider II was filmed!
This water was hot! You could place an egg in it and would be ready in 10 minutes!!!

We spent the evening at a lovely "cottage" (it was bigger than our current house yet it was considered a cottage ha!) right beside a lake. In the morning on the next day we saw beautiful flamingos on the lake shore.

the lovely "cottage"
We also climbed Mt. Longonot which is a dormant volcanic mountain. It has a crater at the top. It took us four hours and 5 mins to go up and around then back down (a distance of 12 miles). We felt very accomplished after that and of course had a VERY hearty meal afterwards :)
starting out...
the point I realized this will be hard!
view from halfway up

we made it to the top! 
now to do the 6 mile loop...
going downhill was easier but very slippery
hot, tired, dirty but happy!

our poor feet, can u tell it was dusty :)

It was a wonderful two days and I am so grateful to God for the chance to have this experience with MrH!


  1. What a beautiful land. and all your family – and Mr. H with a chance to go with you on that hike – and that shot where you turned around and realized I was going to be hard – I know that feeling – and the spiritual analogy that going uphill might be hard – going downhill slippery – I heart that. I could spend a month on that analogy. Good for you! Good for you AND Mr. H. God bless you and keep both of you.

  2. what gorgeous pictures! i can't wait for hubby to go to Ghana with me one day ... that way i can show him how truly beautiful it is!