Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sad day

I just learned today that a former college mate passed away. Alyssa Stolvoort was battling cancer and yesterday she went to be with her Savior and King. Her story is one of courage and positivity even in the midst of pain. If you can read her wall you will see how many lives she has touched by the way she lived. At this moment I am reminded that this life on earth is but a vapor that appears for a while and is soon gone (dear Alyssa was only 23 years old!).

May I humbly ask you dear friends, pray? For her husband, her family, his family as they go through this hard time that God would be their refuge and strength.

Good bye Alyssa, Praise God that you are now pain free and I await the day I will celebrate with you in eternity

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  1. this brings tears to my eyes ... 23 years old. i can't imagine what her husband and her family are going through. lifting them up in prayers at this moment.