Sunday, August 28, 2011

DIY: Laundry Basket Dresser

I recently came across this awesome website called Ana White HomeMaker. One word for this site: AWESOME!!! There are so many projects for DIY lovers ranging from easy to pro, pocket-friendly to only-in-my-dreams.
So as I was perusing the site, practically drooling on my computer, I read the post about building a laundry basket dresser and immediately bookmarked the page because I knew some day I would have to make it.

On my birthday, MrH being the sweet man that he is, surprised me with a note that promised me a weekend of DIY-ing (is that a word?) Obviously I was super-duper excited and so last weekend we went shopping for the required materials.

We followed the directions all the way through and only made a little tweak in measurements since our laundry baskets were a little wider and longer than the ones Ana used. We also decided not to use the metal angles to hold up the baskets but some spare wood instead - you'll see in the pics below. Two days, two trips to the store and three paint coats later, our dresser was finished and I am so happy with the results. I got to use a circular saw too so YEAH!! 
preparing for the first cut

drilled my first countersink holes :)
hiding the holes we made earlier
The finished unpolished product:
we decided to use primer first to avoid the colour from seeping
we just had to put in the baskets to get a feel of what it would look like lol! 

And finally...
final resting spot - methinks it looks nice yes?

I can't wait for the next thing we build this was so much fun!!!


  1. fun good for you guys!!!
    sarah M

  2. that is awesome! it looks great too!