Sunday, August 7, 2011

family vacation whoop!

MrH's family is in town. I am really happy because I have finally have time to spend with them that is not centered around an event. Of course with coming down to Florida guess what they want to do the most...beach!!!

So for the next week when I am not at work I will be working on my tan with my dear hubby

Gotta lurv summer in sunny Florida!


  1. your tan!!!! bahahahahaha. love you!
    (i have a hard time posting comments so I'm gonna try it this way
    Sarah Moulton

  2. ok so I have been worried that my comment was taken wrong, if not by you than someone else, this liberal California girl ;) doesn't want to seem rude, I just thought you were being cute and it was funny. You can totally tease me about working on a "sunburn" any time you want :) love ya

  3. Oh Sarah! You don't need to clarify your comment! I was being a little facetious - we both know I'm not really working on my tan. Don't worry about a thing! Sorry you are having trouble commenting. I don't know what the issue is...