Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend fun

Last weekend MrH cleaned out the garage and found a stash of my forgotten window markers, so what's a guy to do?
Challenge me to have a "Who is the artist of the house" competition of course!!
MrH's lovely flower
My awesome tree without leaves

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY: fridge magnets

I seem to be having a crafty streak of late!! Well technically I shouldn't say "I" since for the last project MrH did most of the work and I just supervised ha!

Today, I wanted to show you these darling little magnets I made Sunday afternoon. We have these cute coffee magnets I picked up at a thrift store but they barely hold one piece of paper. So we've been talking about buying magnets...since September 2010 ... no kidding!! I know they are not costly and you can find pretty good ones anywhere but we just never seemed to remember to get some.

We weren't even looking for them on Sunday when we stopped by wally world after church but we just happened to be on their aisle and picked up a pack of 18 for $2. Inspiration suddenly hit me and I decided I wanted to have unique decorations. So I hunted for something to decorate with and found some cute wooden beads for $4.

Back home I set to work with the magnets and beads

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Counting more gifts

Just continuing from where I left off:
#145 beautifully pink, refreshingly sweet watermelon
#146 relistening to sermons that just revive my spirit
#147 Saturdays when both MrH and I get to sleep in
#148 planting seeds in our garden
#149 getting to see sprouts exactly seven days later
#150 celebrating a dear friend's 50th birthday
#151 laughing so hard at same party that I could barely breathe

Monday, September 5, 2011

Reflecting on thankfulness

I haven't updated my list of gifts in a while. At first I was busy but honestly, after awhile it was because I got lazy. Sadly I have realized that the longer I stay without counting, the less I look all around for things to be thankful for.
I am taking more and more for granted as if what I have, I have always had. Forgetting even that this very breath I take is a gift.

I was going to write a lovely post filled with lots of things that I am thankful for but that would be forced. I would be filling it with the now, the immediate that I notice around me, what I consider to be nice to mention as gifts. 
But am I truly thankful?
Is it just writing in order to direct traffic to my blog?
Am I really seeing the gifts...
...or is it all just lip service being offered up to God?