Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Counting more gifts

Just continuing from where I left off:
#145 beautifully pink, refreshingly sweet watermelon
#146 relistening to sermons that just revive my spirit
#147 Saturdays when both MrH and I get to sleep in
#148 planting seeds in our garden
#149 getting to see sprouts exactly seven days later
#150 celebrating a dear friend's 50th birthday
#151 laughing so hard at same party that I could barely breathe

#152 getting back into a running routine and signing up for a race (no going back!)
#153 a bird daily chirping on a tree as I walk from the parking garage into the office building
#154 talking to my mom (will appear multiple times as I am always thankful) and getting great advice
#155 knowing she is always praying for me
#156 surprise night out with my man :)
#157 how wonderful my hand feels in his
#158 discovering the book 'Captivating'. I must say I am captivated by it! bad joke I know
#159 friends who call/text/email to let you know that you are on their heart and they are praying for you
#160 light blue cotton candy clouds set against a near dark twilight sky

September seems to be a crazy busy month and my posting is slacking off! I will try my best though to keep updating my list in a book so that even when I can't post, at least I am still seeing all the ways He is blessing me.

Have a blessed week!
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  1. Dear mrsH, I do not know your first name. lol, but I do believe we are kindred spirits. I see you also have your mom away from you as I do, but how can you not be forever grateful for their wonderful calls! I've been wanting to read Captivating, but haven't found it in English on the local stores :( btw, we are also alike in the crafty bug. My hubby just gave me a sewing machine. now to learn how to use it! lol