Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY: fridge magnets

I seem to be having a crafty streak of late!! Well technically I shouldn't say "I" since for the last project MrH did most of the work and I just supervised ha!

Today, I wanted to show you these darling little magnets I made Sunday afternoon. We have these cute coffee magnets I picked up at a thrift store but they barely hold one piece of paper. So we've been talking about buying magnets...since September 2010 ... no kidding!! I know they are not costly and you can find pretty good ones anywhere but we just never seemed to remember to get some.

We weren't even looking for them on Sunday when we stopped by wally world after church but we just happened to be on their aisle and picked up a pack of 18 for $2. Inspiration suddenly hit me and I decided I wanted to have unique decorations. So I hunted for something to decorate with and found some cute wooden beads for $4.

Back home I set to work with the magnets and beads

I decided to use a hot glue gun but I think that was overkill - better safe than sorry though! A couple burnt fingertips later, I had made ten, yes only ten but I do love love love them! 
Here is a close up of my favorite one (top left)
So for $6 I have 10 new magnets that actually hold stuff (I can still make 8 more later on) and enough beads left over to make about 5 bracelets. Oh the joys of crafting!
Now I need to find something else to do that is budget-friendly and easy to complete. Any ideas???

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