Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend fun

Last weekend MrH cleaned out the garage and found a stash of my forgotten window markers, so what's a guy to do?
Challenge me to have a "Who is the artist of the house" competition of course!!
MrH's lovely flower
My awesome tree without leaves

the combined result, MrH added the sun (not the camera flash lol)

I like the opposite effect lighting

I was torn as to whose painting should win but then on Tuesday I came home and found this caption added to the window

Clearly, MrH won 

Here is my continuing list of thankfulness:
#161 fun of the marker in hand, drawing on a window
#162 a simple and sweet reminder from MrH of how he loves me
#163 MrH who woke me up when my alarm did not work - totally saved what could have become a bad work day!
#164 visiting with MrH's mentor and his wife. We had a lovely time just sitting, talking and receiving godly counsel
#165 wonderful time of worship at church yesterday. I just love listening to so many voices lifting praises to our God
#166 ministering with fellow believers to the needs of others
#167 seeing the same believers at church
#168 getting even more plugged in to our church
#169 lots of rain this past week
#170 a God-given break from watering the garden ha!
#171 using basil from my own garden yum!

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Finding fun and joy in the little things (like markers!) is such a blessing in marriage! :)

  2. uuuu, so jealous. i want fresh basil too. maybe my puppy has grown enough to let herbs survive. i'll give it a try. mrH's note was adorable. ill post a pic of my surprise note later. blessings!

  3. How sweet :) I love your list too, spending time with our mentors and getting involved in church has been a huge blessing to my husband and I.